Your Team's Email... In One Place!
With a team it can be hard to see a complete history of ALL email communication with EVERY client. With Email History you can see a history of every message from every team member to each client in chronological order.
See how it works...
Simply connect your team's email accounts...
...from there you'll be able to search for your clients and see all communication with them from any team member, all in date order. Powerful!

Ready to try Email History?

We are currently in private beta which means we are closed for new applications. We plan to open to the public soon.

Powerful Search

Find people you or your team have emailed

Search for people or email addresses and see a date ordered history of email communication with that person.

Email Accounts

Connect all relevant email accounts

All past messages will be imported into Email History. Decide which folders you want to include for ultimate flexibility.

Unlimited Users

Invite your team to Email History

Invite as many users as you like. You can decide who can see emails from which accounts with account privilages.


Exclude private messages from view

Create rules to filter out emails you don't want others to see. Rules are a powerful way to filter out personal and private messages.


Email Histroy is currently in private beta

We plan to launch the system fully soon.

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